Biosensors 2014

Biosensors 2014

Around 800 delegates attended Biosensors 2014 – the 24th World Anniversary Congress on Biosensors. View some pictures from the event here.

We hope you can join us in Gothenburg, Sweden for Biosensors 2016, 25-27 May 2016.

2014 Poster Award Winners

Poster Session 1
[P1.056] Non-contact single cell printing for single cell real-time PCR
F. Stumpf*2, J. Schöndube1, A. Gross1, G. Roth2, 3, R. Zengerle1, 2, P. Koltay1, 41IMTEK, Germany, 2HSG-IMIT, Germany, 3BIOSS, Germany, 4BioFluidix GmbH, Germany

Poster Session 2
[P2.034] Towards a smartphone-connected HIV test
V. Turbe*1, E. Gray1, D. Athey2, H. Yatsuda2, 3, E. Nastouli1, R. McKendry11University College London, UK, 2OJ Bio Ltd, UK, 3Japan Radio Company, Japan

Poster Session 3
[P3.119] An SPR NanoMIP sensor for viruses analysis 
Z. Altintas, M. Gittens, K.A. Thompson, A. Guerreiro, S. Piletsky, I.E. Tothill*, Cranfield University, UK

[P3.202] A rapid protein preconcentration monitoring without fluorescent labeling by the dual-loop current measurement method
P.S. Chung*, Y.J. Fan, H.J. Sheen, W.C. Tian, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Congress Chair

Prof Anthony P F Turner, Linköping University, Sweden

Plenary Speakers:

Professor Frank Caruso

University of  Melbourne, Australia

Biological sensing and processing of engineered particles

Professor Andrew de Mello

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Droplet microfluidics: Towards ultra high-throughput biology

Professor J. Justin Gooding

University of New South Wales, Australia
Nanomaterial based biosensors for diagnostics and personalised medicine

Professor Wolfgang Knoll

Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

Biosensing with evanescent waves and integrated optics

Professor Tanya Monro
University of Adelaide, Australia
Nanophotonics for biological sensing: new tools for in-vivo measurement

Professor Joseph Wang

University of California, San Diego, USA
Nanomachine-based Biosensing and Bioseparations

Conference committee:

Professor Loïc J. Blum
Université Lyon 1, France
Professor Man Bock Gu
Korea University, Korea
Dr Frances Ligler
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University, USA
Professor Arben Merkoci
Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology, Spain
Professor Koji Sode
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Professor Xian-En Zhang
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Topics include:

  • Bioelectronics (including biocomputing, biofuel cells and electronic noses)
  • Commercial biosensors, manufacturing and markets
  • DNA chips, nucleic acid sensors and aptasensors
  • Enzyme-based biosensors
  • Immunosensors
  • Lab-on-a-chip
  • Microfluidics and immobilisation technology
  • Nanobiosensors, nanomaterials & nanoanalytical systems
  • Natural & synthetic receptors (including MIPs)
  • Organism- and whole cell-based biosensors
  • Printed biosensors and microfabrication
  • Proteomics, single-cell analysis and cancer-cell detection
  • Signal transduction technology (including magneto, piezo, optical and direct electrochemical techniques)
  • Theranostics & implantable sensors

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